Center Court

Ed Ransom has been a tennis teaching professional in Central Jersey for the past twenty years. He started out as an assistant instructor in the Princeton Community Tennis Program while still attending Rutgers University. Ed went on to gain all of the training and experience necessary to become one of the best trained tennis professionals in the area.

In May of 1976, Ed attended the first United States Professional Tennis Academy - a seven day course designed to fully train tennis teaching professionals. Sixteen months later, he attended the Dennis Vander Meer Tennis University - where he was certified at the Professional Level by the U.S.P.T.R. In September 1978, Ed was trained and appointed as a National Certification Tester by Michael Waring, International Director of the U.S.P.T.R. Since that time, he has been continuing his education through annual visits to the U.S.T.A. Tennis Teachers Conference and the U.S.P.T.R. Symposium.

Ed taught tennis classes for the Rutgers University Recreational Services from 1982-1996. He also directed the New Horizons Tennis Program at the Busch Tennis Facility, Rutgers. He has been teaching private lessons at Brunswick Hills for 15 years. The depth of Ed's experience on court supervision will ensure progress and maximum improvement for the student.

STAFF - The staff have been carefully selected and trained by Ed. Ransom. All of the staff members are very personable as well as possessing high academic and athletic skill.